Monday, December 3, 2007

And So The Season Begins...

  1. "What are you going to eat? Nothing?"
    Thanksgiving was great, as it always is. My uncle Jerry only made one vegetarian joke this year! I also love to see my cousins and my aunt. It is one of my favorite holidays because it's about being thankful, family, friends, food, and fun. Thanksgiving means a lot to me because it's one of the few times when my family is altogether. It's also about getting tipsy on the wine! :-) And leftovers, of course... but those were gone in two days! Besides, I get leftovers from Nonna's house even when it isn't Thanksgiving! I don't think I've ever gone to her house without returning home with food!

  2. What's the malfunction?
    My computer was down for over a week. It stopped working properly the day after Thanksgiving. I'm glad it was still under warranty. My dad brought it back to me yesterday. He and my uncle souped it up with additional memory and virus protection. What a generous family I have! I'm glad to be back online, although I had plenty of things to do while my computer was in the shop.

  3. 'Tis the season... for spending too much money
    I've also begun my Christmas shopping. I stayed away from the mall on Black Friday... those people are nuts to go out there at 4 in the morning and wait in line behind thirty or more people! I'm only buying a few things for select people because I can't afford to buy things for everybody. This is the first year where I've actually been able to afford to buy presents for anyone at all. Previous years I've only given cards, and one year I actually gave out homemade cards. I'm looking forward to this Christmas and giving presents to the ones I love. Snow has finally fallen around here, as well, and the grounds are covered with blankets of white. It's also colder than a witch's tit (as my old supervisor used to say)! People keep telling me that we're going to have a mild winter this year, but I know Syracuse weather. The worst has yet to come, and we'll have snow until March, for certain.