Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Strangest concert I've never been to

I just had a strange dream, so I had to share it with you immediately while it's still fresh in my mind. My roommate and I went to this free concert headlined by Bruce Springsteen. We didn't get to see Bruce, but Bob Marley was there. Bob looked great, like he never aged (and never died). He put on a thrilling show. After the show, we went back to my mom's house and I told my brothers about the show. I told them about Bob Marley and how great he looked. I showed my brother Robert a picture of Bob online. He said that Bob must work out to look that good. We looked at the promotional flyer, which stated that Michael Jackson (also not dead), Stevie Nicks, Rush, and Asia were also performing at the show. My brother Donny said there were still 2 hours left of the show, and if we hurried, we could catch the rest of it.

So, we went back. Stevie Nicks took the stage, but she looked like an 80s pop star, like Madonna in a white dress and legwarmers. She had a band of men behind her, and she and her band did choreography to some strange disco song. The men sang with her, and some of them got to sing solos. Stevie messed up the dance moves a couple times. After the song, Stevie said a few words, but one of her band members also had a microphone and interrupted her. When the next song began, Stevie walked off the stage and drifted through the audience and walked up to where my roommate and I were sitting. Her appearance had changed. Now she was short and stout with a big, bountiful bosom, and she looked exactly like my mom. She approached me, put her hands gently on my face, and said, "Hello." I was so stunned that I was lost for words. I said, "Hello, Stevie. How are you?" I was scrambling to think of what to say next. I thought that I should tell her that I liked the Trouble in Shangri-La album, but before I could say anything, she hugged me and embedded my face in her boobs. She then turned around and looked at my roommate, pulled out the chair directly across from me, got on her knees and looked downward, like she was praying or something.